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An Overview of Nostalgia Marketing and its Benefits [Infographic]

Have you experienced the appeal of nostalgia in media, such as when Stranger Things transports you back to foam-covered headphones from the 1980s or a Fleetwood Mac song connected to a TikTok trend makes you recall the steady hands needed to turn the dial on the clock radio?

That may be a powerful psychological lure, and the finest marketing teams are aware that, if they can tailor their messages to their target audience’s preferences, nostalgia can help them win over a sizable portion of their market.

Which is important to take into account when planning your campaigns. If you’re searching for a nostalgic approach, this new infographic from Spiralytics can be of assistance.

“Nostalgia is defined as the longing for the past, especially for people, places, and periods with favorable associations. This human aspect of yearning is incorporated into Nostalgia Marketing – a marketing strategy used to associate the target audience’s positive emotions about the previous decades with a product or service to boost sales.”

Again, a powerful, and potentially valuable aspect to consider in your marketing. Take a look at the full infographic below.

Nostalgia marketing

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