Top 4 Online Marketing Trends in 2020

Top 4 Online Marketing Trends
To Follow In 2020

online marketing trends

Let’s bring you some interesting topics about online marketing trends that is happening in the world and how internet marketing has changed over the years . But first, let’s understand what you mean by Online Marketing or as we say Digital Marketing and then we will focus on Online marketing trends.

Online Marketing Overview 

Online Marketing is that part of the marketing strategy that utilizes an on-line based mostly digital technologies like desktop computers, mobile phones, and alternative digital media and platforms to push merchandise and services. Its development throughout the Nineties and 2000s, modified the method brands and businesses use technology for selling. As digital platforms became progressively incorporated into selling plans and existence, and as folks progressively use digital devices rather than visiting physical outlets, digital selling campaigns became current, using SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, influencer selling, content automation, campaign selling, data-driven selling, e-commerce selling, social media selling, social media optimization, email marketing, show advertising, e-books, and optical disks and games is becoming a commonplace.

I will bring you some amazing online marketing trends in the Online Marketing industry in the year 2020, especially when the Corona virus crisis is going on this year and here is the chance how firms can use these tips, and create a good image among the consumers and increase their revenues. 

1. Artificial Intelligence

In the online marketing arena now artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most important components. Companies like Amazon, Google, etc. use these techniques to get to know more about their customers. Artificial Intelligence uses to search for the pattern and analyze the behavior of the customers and creates an impact on the growth of digital marketing. In this way, the companies get the idea of what the consumers want, through social media. Nowadays, a lot of MNCs are using this technique to gain more sales and also leads to content creation. 

For Example, taking the case of Apple, they want to sell iPhone Pro 11 in Indian Market and they don’t know how to sell their product and advertising. So Artificial Intelligence helps to analyze the previous sales of their product i.e. iPhone 10, in they will understand that how they like products and the customer’s interaction, so they will first analyze the sales happened of the company last year and then they understand the numbers what when wrong and understand that they get from different areas like in amazon, Flipkart, etc. and understand the behavior and with the help of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. and through the comments, Apple will able to understand the behavior pattern of the customers. Then, they can do the market research with the help of artificial intelligence; they research about how the consumers think of the brand and the usage of their products and in this way with the help of A.I. they selected the target audience and the source of the channel of distribution in regard of their feasibility and increase in turnover of sales through a digital marketing analysis. After this Apple will start making its strategy on how to advertise and how to sell its products in the market and in this way they are able to earn high profits for the firm and create an attractive approach to marketing ads among the customers at a certain time.

  Artificial Intelligence has been increasing a lot of opportunities for digital marketing in India, as currently some of the Indian digital marketing firms are using Artificial Intelligence to use for the things that have been mentioned previously in one of the examples. As in the hospitality sector, artificial intelligence use in digital marketing strategy, for example, take the case of Marriott, in which they want to analyze how customers think of their hospitality services, so with the help of feedback from, so in this A.I. will analyze different forms and pick up the main areas in which customers have been focused more, and in this way, the management will solve problems easily and increase the happiness among the customers.

2. Shoppable Posts

It is a new technique, used by many e-commerce startups to increase their market through social media Instagram, by posting photos of their products on Instagram. When the companies post the photos of their attractive products and include the link, which directly leads to shoppable websites and in this way, customers can purchase those products. Shoppable posts can provide easy access to customers. Let’s take the case of the e-commerce website i.e. the soul they use to sell products like customized t-shirts, mobile covers, coffee mugs, etc. They decide to use Instagram and Facebook for the advertisement and the mode of payment for selling their products. So the shoppable posts will be like in Instagram they use to post the stories and make the link in Instagram so that when a customer likes a product of the site, then at the last of the image page a link will be visible which will directly be linked to the main website and in this way they make the payment easily regarding the product. Shoppable post will also help in analyzing the customer’s behavior pattern by sending the feedback form regarding their products, in this way they use the machine learning technology and make the feasible strategy, thus it is the efficient source of making the process easier for both the customers and firm, in the area of the source of distribution and method of paying the money.

 Thus, we can understand that the Shoppable post is the best online marketing trend for upcoming online startups and current firms for using online resources. Let’s take another case that how hospitality sector uses in digital marketing of their services like Oyo rooms has established one hotel in Jaipur, Meerut, and Manali, so they want to reach to the customers about that they have established these hotels, so with the help of shoppable post they can increase their reach and able to find their customers with this link and able to advertise their services in the areas where they are located, in this way it will be easier to get the more revenue. 

3. Smart Ad bidding 

Well, this concept is introduced recently, it has been introduced by two giant IT companies in this way i.e. Google and Facebook. Well, it is a machine learning program which used to achieve selected targets and attract more customers. In this way, most businesses, we’re able to maximize their sales. They are certain kinds of smart ad bidding i.e.: 1) Target ROIs, 2) Maximize advertisement conversion. This helps to optimize the bidding by different signals. In a better language, we can say that Smart Ad bidding means that when any firm wants to advertise their products/services with the help of machine learning, it’s just a combination of Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence. Well, after understanding the concept of Smart Ad Bidding, we will take one of the companies in the automotive industry i.e. Toyota, we will see how it increases the awareness of their products among customers digitally. Now when they have designed the advertisement and some important on Facebook, and with the help of Machine Learning, they put the coding that the post should go to those people who searched for automotive a lot. In this way we can increase can awareness among the customers with this they can earn a lot of customer’s attraction to their customers and helps to get the target audience, from this example we can say that Smart Ad bidding will be able to get maximum advertisement conversion. 

Now, let’s take the example that how it helps in the digital marketing of the entertainment industry, now let’s take the example of the Marvel that they had to tell the audience that their new movie is going to release in theatres, so they decide to upload the trailer in YouTube, and with the help of artificial intelligence they will able to track to those who like action/suspense or many more genres from the users and then send the ads to those people, in this way these people will see the trailer and like the videos and in this way it will share it to more people and it creates the chance to increase the reach among the audience and in this way the firm achieves the objective of Targeted ROIs and also able to convince to those customers who don’t like Marvel films. Now we are taking the case of how food delivery industry use this trend for increases their brand through digital media, let’s take the case of Zomato, as an Indian food-delivery startup, whenever a person makes the delivery of food from any other website in this way there comes an advertisement of Zomato in a social media site i.e. Instagram and it has popped up in the user’s site because the user has used a lot of food-delivery sites, this is the smart ad bidding technique like in this Zomato has set the machine learning to advertise in how and what ways? And in this way, it will lead to make efficient profits and increase the number of users for the app

4. Voice Search Adaption

At the end of January 2020, 50% of online users of the world use the voice command for searching in the websites. As it is easy to search with the voice, when Alexa, google home comes in the market, everyone will do their search easily. So is one of the biggest trends for every business, to do their marketing in such a manner that every customer can reach through your product and voice-search and place their orders through voice-command. In this way, all marketers will stay ahead of the competition. Let us drive through one of the Indian music apps i.e. Gaana App in which whenever we listen to the music, then there is an ad that comes up when the music, so the consumers will listen to the ad and it will go on in the mind of the consumers, so in this way, they can help to convey the advertising message of a brand through others. This is also called the concept of creating a cahoot among the public.

 Now let’s take the example of the Alexa, that whenever we listen to music or watch videos or search something, then an advertisement of an upcoming movie, or sale of a new smartphone, etc. will be heard by the consumers, and in this way firms can market their product/services to anyone. Well, this is the new online marketing trend for all the firms and some of the consumers don’t like to listen to ads because it irritates them, as most of the marketers are trying to find out how this trend will be very useful for them and helps to increase the number of customers. 

Thus, these are the main online marketing trends that are happening for increasing the customers, we can say that it will lead to the growth of digital marketing and helps to make the analysis easier for most of the marketers and SEO analysts. Digital Marketing in India is at the growing stage, these trends are new for most of the Indian firms, only people knew about artificial intelligence as in the data analysis, right now in India these trends are new for us and it still many of the people should learn that how to use this trends in this COVID-19 pandemic and the future it can be a game-changer for most of the firms.