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Instagram Officially Announces New ‘Creator Portfolio’ Showcase Option

Instagram has formally revealed its upcoming “Creator Portfolio” feature, which will let artists put together a package that is effectively a media kit in order to highlight their audience reach and prior brand work.

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Creators will soon be able to create their own portfolios from the Professional Dashboard in the app, as you can see in this sample. The procedure will help creators develop their pitches to brands in an effort to land more deals for influencer marketing.

A Creator Portfolio allows individual users to share their profile directly with possible partners in the app, similar to Instagram’s Creator Marketplace listings where influencers are shown in a collective presentation.

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Although Instagram has been improving the option recently, it was first discovered in testing last month. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered this welcome page for the option earlier this month in the app’s back-end code, which also provides a description of how it would operate.

In an effort to prevent its biggest talents from switching to TikTok or YouTube instead, Instagram has been working hard to increase its appeal to creative talent. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently stressed this as a primary priority as the platform stakes continue to grow.

Although Mosseri also pointed out that Instagram has behind in a number of crucial areas in the competition for talent.

Another component of this initiative, which is a part of Instagram’s bigger initiative to include more material from accounts that users don’t follow in feeds, will be Creator Portfolios.

The theory behind this is that by increasing the amount of content that is seen by more people, Instagram will be able to increase engagement (if its algorithmic targeting is accurate) and also enabling a wider dissemination of content from developing talent to a larger audience.

This will increase Creator engagement metrics and opportunities, which could be another reason for them to continue posting on Instagram.

With TikTok currently being the most popular app and YouTube having a higher potential for revenue, it remains to be seen whether it stays true in practise. However, Instagram is still quite popular, and for the appropriate creators, it offers significant chances that will be increased by this new app display feature.

A new messaging process to streamline brand/creator connection (brands will be able to message multiple creators at once via a partnerships inbox) and a new code process to better facilitate ad collaborations are just two of the new features that Instagram is introducing in addition to Creator Portfolios.

The competition for elite talent is intensifying, so it will be interesting to observe how Instagram competes with other apps.

Instagram creators will start receiving Creator Profiles the following month.

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