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I Am Takema

I Am Takema is a personal website created for Takema Robinson, who is an expert in social impact and innovation. Her website,, is designed to showcase her expertise and experience in the field, and to connect with others who share her passion for creating social change.

In this case study, we will analyze the website’s design, user experience, and content strategy to understand how Takema is using her website to achieve her goals.

Website Design and User Experience

The website design is simple and elegant, with a black and white color scheme and bold typography. The use of high-quality images of Takema throughout the site gives the website a personal touch and helps to establish her brand. The main menu is straightforward and includes the following categories: About, Services, Blog, and Contact. The homepage features a prominent CTA to schedule a consultation with Takema, which is an effective way to engage visitors and communicate the services that she offers.

The website is also user-friendly, with easy navigation and clear calls to action (CTAs) throughout the site. For example, on the homepage, there are prominent CTAs to “Schedule a Consultation” and “Read the Blog.” Additionally, the website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that users can easily access the site on their smartphones and tablets.

Content Strategy

The content strategy for I Am Takema is focused on establishing Takema as a thought leader in the field of social impact and innovation. Here are some of the tactics that she uses:

  1. Personal Branding: The website’s design and content are centered around Takema’s personal brand, which includes her expertise, experience, and personality. This personal branding helps to establish Takema as a credible and trustworthy expert in the field.
  2. Thought Leadership: The website features a blog section that is regularly updated with new content related to social impact and innovation. Takema’s blog posts are insightful and informative, and they showcase her expertise in the field. Additionally, the website features a podcast section where Takema interviews other experts in the field.
  3. Social Proof: The website features testimonials from clients who have worked with Takema in the past. These testimonials help to establish her credibility and authority in the field.


Overall, I Am Takema is an excellent example of how a personal website can be used to establish a personal brand and showcase expertise in a specific field. The website’s simple and elegant design, user-friendly interface, and clear CTAs make it easy for visitors to engage with Takema’s services and content. Additionally, the content strategy is focused on establishing Takema as a thought leader in the field, which helps to attract new clients and opportunities.

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