VIP Rd, Dabgram, Siliguri, West Bengal 734004, India

Ph: +91 848 000 2824

Inifd Siliguri


MEET THE CLIENT:- INIFD Siliguri is one of those finest institutes which lets their students explore interior and fashion design from an expert’s viewpoint. It has been since its inception, many noteworthy industry professionals have visited the institute to give a clear picture of the revolution in the design sector we have been seeing in the course of the last two decades. This helps the students to understand the past, present, and as well as future scope of the design industry. This builds a sense of motivation in the students and they go ahead to apply their thoughts fully.

THE BRIEF:- INIFD SILIGURI joined us on April 2021 during the pandemic. The main issue they were facing was not getting enough admissions. From us, they wanted to increase the business locally and in nearby areas in Siliguri by increasing the rate of admissions.

TOOLS REQUIRED:- Mainly all the social media platforms were used for promotion and representation. For designing we have used CANVA, PREMIERE PRO, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, VN, and other tools were used. For automation, we have used PABBLY Software, ClickUp. ClickUp and Notion were used as CRM.

WHAT WE DID:- Firstly, we gain the true audience for the INIFD SILIGURI. We did Local SEO, and also gained engagement and reach organically for the major keywords and minor keywords. We also designed their website and a deep On-page, and Off-Page SEO for the INIFD SILIGURI was performed. After the true audience was ready we started running ads from there we started collecting leads. All the promotional graphics including Images and Videos were created by Us. We replied to the queries they gained and ultimately all this helped them get what they need.

RESULTS:- We believed that hard work with trust never goes in vain. At the end of all this work from the year 2021-2022 we got around 45-50 new admission for the INIFD SILIGURI, which generated a revenue of around 2 million in just 1 year for the client.

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