What Are the Benefits of Pinterest Business Account?

A business account on Pinterest can open doors to various benefits that you wouldn’t have access to with a regular account. This leads to multiple opportunities for your online business. To understand this better, here are 5 benefits of a Pinterest business account.

Pinterest Business Account

Find New Trends

Pinterest is among the top platforms where consumers and users love to share ideas, creatives, and products they found amazing. To make sure that your brand keeps up with new emerging trends in the market, keeping an active online presence on the platform is essential.

Pinterest Business Account

The most effective ways to keep up with new trends is to follow influencers in your industry and find popular content regularly aggregated by Pinterest, based on the user’s searches. Click on the search bar, and it should offer great ideas related to your searches on the platform.

This can be helpful if you are searching for things related to your business or services. You will be able to content that is hyper-targeted to your brand and your consumers. Once you start looking through these searches, you should find great ideas to promote or add for your business and customers.

Brand Authority

A business account on Pinterest is more than just a dedicated space for a business. It offers extra features that a regular user’s accounts don’t provide.

Pinterest Business Account

For example, with a business account, you will have access to a header that will contain pins from your business account, detailed insights about the number of users and views on your nails, and you also get to add a verified website to your business account.

All these features allow you to create a more legitimate online presence on the platform.


Pinterest Verify Website

Since you have the option to add a verified website to your business account, it can be helpful when it comes to driving more traffic to your website from your profile.

Additionally, you also have access to add rich pins that offer more details about the landing page you are adding to the post, compared to a regular pin. You also have product pins that showcase the product price and description.

Pins such as the two above can help your business get more clicks and traffic via Pinterest.


Pinterest Analytics

Any extra features are useless if you do not have access to detailed insights about your account. This is where a business account gives you an extra edge over a regular one, with analytics.

With analytics, you will be able to see detailed analytics for the pins you have added to your business account, including the ones from your website. This is a great feature to understand what kind of engagement, clicks and views you are getting from each type of pin.

Further, you can view performance over time with custom date ranges as well. If you would like only to view the performance of the pins that you added from your website or store, you have the feature as well.

Analytics is an excellent tool for any business since it allows you to understand what kind of pins are working for your business. With the right data in hand, you can easily promote similar pins for more success.

Promotion and Ads

Finally, a business account on Pinterest gives you the ability to promote pins and run ads. Pinterest Advertisement is a great way to gain more success from your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Ads

With Pinterest Ads, you can create custom campaigns to gain brand awareness, traffic or more customers. With ads, you can target customers based on hyper-specific interests on the platform.

Pinterest ads are great for generating more conversions for your business since you can highlight your products on the platform which will surely get attention from consumers since it offers users content based on what their searches.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest Ads are extremely affordable as well. If your business has services or products to offer to consumers, it is best to set aside an Advertising budget for Pinterest Ads.

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